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Akin to Madness

Caligula at the MET

Caligula in our apartment

We don't get to choose our infatuations. When I was a child, Peewee Herman was speaking my language. As a teen, Les Mis was playing in my discman as often as Downward Spiral or Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. And then, somewhere in my early twenties, good old Emperor Caligula fell into my lap and it's been a love affair ever since. 

There's something endearing about his mania and trying to separate the real from his successors intent to diminish Caligula's line. I, for one, like to believe all the stories. Erecting a needless, though lavish, floating bridge over the Bay of Baiae, thus throwing his realm into a famine out of spite for a prophet. Waging a war against Neptune, and compelling his soldiers to collect shells as proof of their victory. Deifying his sister?

And speaking of his sister, Drusilla... What on earth was time in the palace like for her? Adored (allegedly too adored) by her all-powerful brother, honored in life, along with her sisters, upon the coinage of the land, and for whom in death, even apotheosis wasn't sufficient. 



Julia Drusilla, born 16 September AD 16, died age 21... The first woman named an imperial heir. Great-granddaughter to Augustus, daughter of the famed general Germanicus, sister to the infamous future Empress Agrippina, aunt to Nero... 


This is her story; excess and abandon. 

A lesson in how to fashion a life trapped among the trappings of grandeur. AD 37, Drusilla's year. The crown jewel of Rome. For an instant, the most revered woman in the world... Whether the world wanted to revere her or not.



Caligula our cat with Caligula the LP

Caligula with Denise and the twins

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