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After Heaven

After Heaven was conceived upon reading the introduction to David Hirson's duology, La Bête and Wrong Mountain. I'd seen La Bête years ago and was highly enamored of not only the central theme, but of his using iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets in a modern play. What I didn't know at the time was that the play was Hirson's first. I do consider writing a competition, if only in my mind and my competitors don't even know I'm gunning for them - but I do, and I am. Seeing that he already did rhyming couplets, I chose terma rima, my favorite rhyme scheme. Taking my cues from Kenneth Tynan's critique of topic-centric plays written at the expense of theatricality, I chose a common - perhaps the most common - theme: a love triangle, and set to make it as theatrical as possible.
It's fun to write in rhyme - if only because the play basically writes itself out of need for a rhyme. 
This might be my favorite play... At least, today it is. 


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