"Thirty Years" Ramin Karimloo and Sylvana Joyce and The Moment - Lyrics by Jason Huza and Sylvana Joyce

The Last Match - Book and Lyrics

     Do you find most musicals don't have enough choke-slams and piledrivers in them? You're not alone! The Last Match is theater in the round like you've never seen it before. Wrestlers flying off the ropes, hitting high notes, and delivering low blows. 

     Ours is the story of Ben Vengeance, wrestling megastar, and his last fight in the ring... Squaring up against his nemesis, legacy hanging in the balance. 

     This is not your grandparent's musical... Or maybe it is, if they're bad-asses. 

     Written alongside Broadway's Jeremiah James (Funny Girl) and music by power couple Sylvana Joyce and Chris Smith (Sylvana Joyce and the Moment), this will be a night to remember... Unless you get drop-kicked in the head...

     Let's see that happen at Wicked, huh!

"How you Know You're Alive" Alyssa Wray and Sylvana Joyce and The Moment - Lyrics by Jason Huza


Concept album coming September 26, 2022!

With the lead single out now featuring Ramin Karimloo (Funny Girl) and Sylvana Joyce and The Moment, the rest of the album is set to come out in just a few weeks. Keep on the lookout!!! 

"When it All Falls Down" - Ramin Karimloo & Amber Ardolino