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Wrapped in Pink

Once Upon a Time...


There is much about this journey that feels like a fairy tale. Moving to New York was a visceral response to an overwhelming vacation to the city after which, upon returning home to Seattle, Denise and I knew New York had to be our home. 


Spoiled to death with a wealth of theater, I was inspired enough (and young and brazen enough) to try my hand at writing. Hitting the jackpot early on, I was able to work alongside some truly talented and creative folks. 


So it was an honor to have been approached by Josh Walden (after just having seen the Broadway Ragtime revival for which he was Associate Director) to write a play together. It was outside my experience, comfort zone, wheelhouse, whatever...


I dove in and the experience was life-changing. 

Wrapped in Pink is the story of Myriam and Abbot, daughter and father, sequestered for years together in an idyllic, Disney-esque manor - victims to Abbot's self-pity at losing his childhood love, Annabella, to an arranged marriage. A pity that drove him, after having learned Annabella bore a son, to raise Myriam, his own son, as a girl. Spurned once more, Abbot retreated with Myriam to their home, never to make for town again, the secret she doesn't even know she has, burning low inside her father. Until years later, when a series of events pull on threads long since deemed hopelessly tangled.



Wrapped in Pink was the start of a fairy tale for Myriam, but also for myself. It was the catalyst for so many life-changing events. From working with world-class actors and directors, to serious rehearsals, industry readings, to watching friends I truly care for act their asses off and make people cry. It changed my life in so many ways, but perhaps the best thing it did, was open my eyes to the true breadth of what is possible in this wondrous city. 

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