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The Paradise

     Hemingway once described heaven in a letter to Fitzgerald as prime seats a in bull-fighting stadium with a river just outside only he was allowed to fish in - in town, two apartments... One can only surmise why the two.

     The Paradise marks the completion of a series of spiritual successors which all began with a little trip through hell with Oscar Wilde. It's at once a love letter and an indictment of the artistic medium I love most; a self-appraisal and judgement. 

     Tristan Marigold runs The Paradise, a theater he built from scratch. The seasons are highly curated and include comedies and dramas; plays and musicals - topics range as wild as the imagination... the only caveat? Every single show thus performed, for untold seasons, has been written by Tristan Marigold himself (sounds like my kind of place!)

Will his friends and family allow Tristan to keep up the eternal ode to himself or will he maintain his unblemished record of hit seasons forever?



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