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What More Could I Wish For?Mandy Gonzalez

"What More Could I Wish For?" Music and Lyrics, Jill Santoriello - Additional Lyrics, Jason Huza

It Happened in Key West London Cast Recording - Music and Lyrics, Jill Santoriello - Additional Lyrics, Jason Huza

IT HAPPENED IN KEY WEST - Book and Additional Lyrics

What a dream to work with Broadway's own Jill Santoriello (Bway, Tale of Two Cities) and Jeremiah James (Bway, Funny Girl) to bring this touchingly macabre true story to life. 

The Count Carl Tanzler von Cosel, world traveler, scientist, inventor... phenomenal eccentric... refused to allow anything to get in the way of his love for Elena Hoyos - even her untimely death. 

With our West End world premier, It Happened in Key West brought the vibrant colors of the Florida Keys to England - sunny beaches and midnight graveyards alike. It was a surreal joy transforming the Charing Cross Theater into a sun-baked fishing town replete with the oddball denizens of the era. 

Directed by The Fulton Opera House's Marc Robin and featuring astounding lead Wade McCollum (Bway, Wicked, Water for Elephants), It Happened in Key West was "Dead good..." (London City Nights). 

Our US Premier in 2024 was the cause célèbre in Lancaster with audiences coming two and three times to see the show. Our brilliant cast led by Travis Kent (Bway, Disaster!) and Shereen Pimentel (Bway, West Side Story) received standing ovations after every single performance.

When next Elena and her count arise, be sure not to miss them!


US Premier, Lancaster, 2024


Fulton Theater, US Premier, January 2024

29 Hour, Davenport Theater, NYC, 2015

Fulton Theatre promotional video, Lancaster, 2024


US Premier, Lancaster, 2024

key west 1.jpg

US Premier, Lancaster, 2024


US Premier, Lancaster, 2024


US Premier, Lancaster, 2024

key west 6.jpg

Charing Cross Cast, London, 2016

key west 5.jpg

Charing Cross Cast, London, 2016


Subway ad, London, 2018


AMAS Developmental Reading, NYC, 2022

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