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Know My Name

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?



So goes the classic joke, which can just as easily be applied to Broadway. There is no path to the best stages in the world other than practice and determination. Or perhaps... To kidnap the hottest producer in New York and force him to put your name on the marquee. That was the route Quinn Reynolds chose. And guess what - spoiler alert - it worked!

And furthermore, she was a sensation!

Opening night reviews of My Mother, the Sex-Goddess were raving! Quinn Reynolds was the talk of the town. Her face fast-tracked for a Sardi's sketch. It was happening... At long last, it was happening!

And then... Well... I don't want to give it away, but there's a happy ending... of sorts. 

Know My Name is a story of insanity masquerading as determination, or is it determination masquerading as insanity, or is it just insanity? Meh, who cares so long as you make it, right?


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