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"I love you, Anna" short film

Anna and Adam are the best of friends, vagabonds living in Manhattan, beholden to the whims of capriciousness. When Adam accepts a job in California, their friendship is put to the test.  I Love You, Anna asks the question, what is family? Is it merely the people you're related to, or can friends assume that role in ways we can never anticipate?

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I Love You Anna

All these actors running around New York going to auditions at the whim of their agents. What if we cut out the middle-man? That's exactly what Ron Barba did when he became the world's first Craigslist Agent. Finding gigs for his roster of talent on the famous (infamous?) site, Ron helps his clients navigate the entertainment world by sending his clients to auditions to host pie-eating competitions, emcee funerals, and even for a run-in with the Craigslist Killer. A modern day Broadway Danny Rose, Ron does his best to represent his bench of actors and comedians. However, the truth is, some people are simply unrepresentable...

"King of the List" Web Series

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