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Thank you so much for ordering an advance copy of Delirium Tremens; Or, The Timeless Skies Incarnadine. Please follow the link below to download the PDF and make sure to email it straight to your Kindle. We look forward to seeing you on the 13th at the Metropolitan Room and promise only the very best of nights.

Delirium Tremens; Or, The Timeless Skies Incarnadine, is the story of two men navigating the American frontier. Traxton Rhodes, a fearless scoundrel living only for the day, and Alistair Harris, a British aesthete in search of constant perfection. Together they turn the Wild West on its head and form a friendship unlike the untamed era had ever known.

Jason Huza is the multi-faceted writer or works ranging from short films to stage plays to his upcoming musical It Happened in Key West co-written alongside Broadway Composer Jill Santoriello, and Jeremiah James.

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