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Come Find Me - Chapter 15

If you see me on the streets with headphones on, there is a 99% chance I'm listening to Jungle/DnB. It's the perfect music for many reasons, not least of which is corporations were never interested, so the essence of what brought jungle into existence has remained undiluted. Come Find Me is the story of a teenage miscreant from rural North Carolina who is introduced to the club scene first, and then to Jungle music; the highs and lows of living life too fast, too soon. Sneaking off at fifteen and sixteen to drive hundreds of miles to hear British DJs pushing the boundaries of sound in the 90s - this book traces much of my own childhood, clouded by time and nostalgia. One unabashedly pseudo-autobiographical chapter is the below, in which our hero relives the night he was first introduced to a music which would consume him forever onward.


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